The woman’s tattoos on the company’s header and Linkedin profile go viral

The woman’s tattoos on the company’s header and Linkedin profile go viral


Jessica Leonard has gone viral for photographs at the head of her company showing off her tattoos

Tattoos in the workplace are far from a common trend. Rather, tattoos, piercings or even unconventional hair colors are considered unsuitable for offices. But a woman is changing that notion. When Jessica Hanzie Leonard of Ohio, USA, changed her LinkedIn profile picture, she didn’t appreciate the kind of noise she would make. Recently, the professional showed off her tattooed arms on the social media platform. His inked arms were also placed for prey at the head of his company. Netizens immediately noticed the anomaly and hurried to comment on it.

After the LinkedIn photo went viral, Ms. Leonard wrote her thoughts on the platform. He wrote about some of the negative reactions he has received.

Then Ms Leonard added: “Ironically, most of the negative comments I’ve received have been from women leaders whom I looked to as mentors.”

But things were different with his head. Ms. Leonard, who recently joined a company called Evolution Capital Partners, was receiving a professional photo for the company’s website. She wrote: “I was cautious, but I asked our managing partner if he was comfortable with me taking a photo without a jacket for my personal use on LinkedIn, but that we would use one with the jacket for our website.” .

Instead of a negative response, Mrs. Leonard received this response from her boss: “Let’s roll with the tattoos on both of them. Noisy and proud.”

Mrs. Leonard wrote, “I was sincerely surprised.” He added that he had kept his tattoos hidden during the formal meetings of his 14 years of professional life. “Very often, I just felt like I had to be careful when I was too free,” Ms. Leonard added. Her post was a note of thanks for “those leaders who have acknowledged that whether I’m in the jacket or not, I’m the same person, the same professional as the company … a female leader who certainly it will be taken seriously “. Ms. Leonard’s update, which was released two months ago, has received more than 31,000 reactions and more than 2,400 comments.

Ms Leonard told Good Morning America: “As soon as it went viral, I thought, ‘I know how this works. If I get out there, and it’s something that’s controversial, I should be prepared. ”

Ms Leonard added that she was “excited” and “cried” when she read the text message from her boss.

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