The mysterious ruins of Nagaland’s Kachari Rajbari

The mysterious ruins of Nagaland’s Kachari Rajbari


Nagaland is one of the least explored states in India. What we know is just a fraction of what’s actually there in Nagaland. Be it language, people and their culture, or food, a lot in Nagaland remains to be explored. One such least explored place in Nagaland is the Kachari Rajbari.

Located in Dimapur town in Nagaland, the site of Kachari Rajbari lies in ruins now. Studies have shown that these ruins belong to the 10th century, most probably during the time of the Kachari civilization.

The mysterious ruins of Nagaland's Kachari Rajbari

Way before the Ahom invasion of present-day Dimapur, the region was under the Kachari Kingdom. They built many structures, most of which are long gone. What remains is the Kachari Rajbari Ruins, a series of mushroom domed pillars. Some in broken down state and some in perfect condition, these ruins have been standing there quietly for centuries now. Nobody knows the exact purpose of these structures.

Some speculate that these structures resemble phallic symbols and may have been of some significance back then. And some suggest they resemble chess pieces. But one thing is for sure, whatever they were, they sure stand out. Quite literally too!

Popular opinion points towards chess theory. In 1840, an officer of the colonial government of Assam, Lieutenant Grange, undertook an expedition to the Naga Hills. It was then that the first record of these structures were made. The region he was describing was that of an old fort, in which these dome-shaped structures were there.

The mysterious ruins of Nagaland's Kachari Rajbari

In 1874, Major HH Godwin-Austen, of the Topographical Survey of India, studied the site and described an entrance which was still in perfect condition, and these two parallel rows of mushroom-shaped domes of different sizes. The tallest of which stood at 15 ft. But one wonders, who would play a game of chess with pieces that cut and made of stone?

Kachari Rajbari Ruins is a protected site but one can still see the amount of neglect by the officials and the resulting lack of visitors.

  1. Where is Kachari Rajbari Ruins located?
    Kachari Rajbari Ruins are located in the town of Dimapur in Nagaland.
  2. How to reach Dimapur?
    Nearest airport is the Dimapur Airport; nearest railway station is the Dimapur Railway station.
  3. When is the best time to visit Nagaland?
    Best time to visit Nagaland are March to April, and October to February.



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