‘Study Naga solution before final shape’: NPF says old pacts didn’t yield result, aggravated violence | Kohima News

‘Study Naga solution before final shape’: NPF says old pacts didn’t yield result, aggravated violence | Kohima News

DIMAPUR: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) said any possible solution to the Naga issue that may have arrived at out of the ongoing political negotiation between the Center and the Naga negotiating groups needs to be seriously examined before giving it a final shape.
Adopting a two-point resolution at a meeting at its headquarters in Kohima on Tuesday, the working committee of the party pointed out that the past agreements and accords have not produced the desired result, which ultimately led to more divisions amongst the Nagas rather than bringing them together.
The meeting deliberated at length on the ongoing peace process vis-a-vis the possible outcome of the current political talks between the Center and the NSCN (IM) and the Naga National Political Groups. The party reiterated its stand that the solution should be honorable, acceptable and inclusive.
Noting that the Nagas are going through a very critical phase of the “political movement”, the party invited all well wishers to associate with it in order to take the Naga people forward. Elaborating on the political stand of the party, NPF president Shurhozelie Liezietsu said the NPF is the only viable and the oldest regional political party for the Nagas in the northeast. He said the party is firm on its political stand since its inception 59 years ago.
Liezietsu said when the 16-Point Agreement was signed by the Center with the group, which was playing the mediator’s role in 1960, left aside the main conflicting group for whom the agreement was proposed. He said the agreement completely failed to stop the bloodshed, instead it went up. During this time, this regional political party was formed to give a new direction to the problem for its solution, he said.
Liezietsu said the NPF proclaimed that the problem in Nagaland is not of law and order but a political and a human problem, adding that the party demanded a political and human approach for its solution.
The NPF chief said the NPF does not and will not side with any particular group but will maintain proper understanding with all conflicting groups by telling them the truth.
“Nagas have only themselves to blame for the mess they are in. It is high time for everyone to realize the ground realities,” he added.



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