Street vendors to benefit from DAN development projects

Street vendors to benefit from DAN development projects

A section of the marketing sheds being constructed at Super Market in Dimapur.

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Dimapur, July 17 (EMN): Street vendors at Super Market in Dimapur will now have a roof over their heads with the construction of marketing sheds under the initiative of Nagaland Development Authority (DAN).

Assistant Engineer of DAN, Benjung Walling informed Eastern Mirror that the marketing sheds will be able to accommodate more than 60 vegetable vendors, while construction is also ongoing for fruit stalls.

He added that after the completion of the marketing sheds, people selling vegetables on the streets of Super Market will be shifted to the newly constructed shed. He said that some portions of the marketing shed have already been completed but they are waiting for the completion of all the sheds to move the vendors at one go.

Walling stated that despite building these rows of businesses, they were still unable to match the demand for additional space from the people.

He also mentioned that they had built a similar marketing shed close to the bus stop / sumo stand, but it had not gone as planned because the vegetable vendors were reluctant to move there due to a lack of customers, and additionally, people preferred to go to the Super Market because it was already well-organized.

Walling said it was a significant loss for the department and added that the area is prone to flooding during the rainy season.

He shared that they had intentions to transform that area, but for various reasons were unable to move forward with the project. Presently, DAN collects waste from the Super Market area and places it at a designated site, from where DMC picks it up twice a week.

Walling further informed that there are currently five blocks under construction, out of which some have already been occupied. He also stated that there will be more than 139 retail stores operating within the five blocks of buildings.

Out of 139 shops being constructed, 90 shop rooms have already been completed, some of which have already been occupied, while work on the first floor of blocks I, II, and III is still ongoing and will eventually include 49 retail opening spaces.

The Development Authority of Nagaland is implementing numerous development initiatives, which have resulted in the Super Market becoming one of the most sought-after commercial destinations in recent years.

The project has been taken up under Public-private partnerships (PPP), which involves collaboration between a government agency and a private-sector.


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