Single-use plastic bags sighted in Dimapur markets despite ban

Single-use plastic bags sighted in Dimapur markets despite ban


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Dimapur, July 17 (EMN): Three weeks after the government announced a blanket ban on single-use plastic items, plastic bags can still be seen around Dimapur market area, with no inspection or checking being carried out by the concerned authority.

A wholesaler at New Market in Dimapur informed that although the usage of single-use plastic has been banned, the demand for non-woven carry bags and paper bags have not changed much. He informed that the non-woven carry bags cost between INR 200 to INR 250 per kg, which is more expensive than plastic bags, while the paper bag is supplied from Guwahati to Dimapur.

Meanwhile, one of the retailers at New Market shared that he did not sell plastic carry bags anymore after the order was issued by the government. He however added that the cost of non-woven carry bags is higher compared to single-use plastics, which cost around INR 180 per kg.

Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur, Sachin Jaiswal, further informed that the Dimapur district task force had a meeting on July 12 but it was inconclusive. Therefore, another meeting had been scheduled regarding the single-use plastic ban in Dimapur.

The Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) had earlier informed the public that single-use plastic items were completly banned in its jurisdiction, in pursuance to the circular of the Urban Development department issued earlier last month.

The DMC had notified ‘all the shopkeepers, business establishments, open vendors, banquet halls, religious institutions, hotels, restaurants and offices that all single-use plastics are banned within its jurisdiction with immediate effect’.

DMC Administrator Albert Ezung, in a notification also stated that failure to comply with the ban would attract a fine of INR 2000 and may even lead to cancellation of trade license.

Single-use plastic products that are banned in DMC jurisdiction include earbuds with plastic sticks, plastic flags, plastic sticks for balloons, ice-cream sticks, candy sticks, polystyrene (thermocol) for decoration, cups. plates, cutlery like spoons, forks, straw, knives, wrapping / packing films around sweet boxes, trays, cigarette packets, and invitation cards, glasses and plastic or PVC banners less than 100 microns.

It may be mentioned that the government of Nagaland had imposed a total ban on plastic items in 2019 but its implementation was disrupted by the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.


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