SAMETI organises training on livestock management

SAMETI organises training on livestock management

Dr. Watimongla Jamir along with resource persons, deputy project directors and the participants pose for a photograph after the valedictory program.

Dimapur, Aug. 5 (EMN): State Agricultural Management and Extension Training Institute (SAMETI), Medziphema, organized a two-day training program on “Livestock management and disease control” for ATMA officials on August 4 and 5.

An update from SAMETI states that the participants were taught on livestock management and disease control in piggery, management and disease control in rabbit rearing, and livestock management and disease control in mithun.

Resource persons of the training were Dr. Yhuntinlo Kent, farm manager of VFATI, Medziphema; Dr. Ebibeni Ngullie, SMS (Animal Science) at ICAR Research Complex for NEH, Nagaland Centre, Medziphema; and dr. Kobu Khate, chief technical officer at NRC on Mithun, Medziphema.

During the visit to mithun farm, the resource person has briefed on the benefits and potential of rearing mithun. It mentioned that mithun rearing is not only for meat purpose but also for milk, which has got high nutrition compared to other domestic animals. Some of the value additions from mithun milk included Kalakand, Rasgula, Lassi etc.

It added that properly trained mithun could be used as a valuable draft animal by the farmers in the remote hilly slopes, where traditional draft animals are not available.

The valedictory program was chaired by Janet Chishi, SAMETI deputy project director. Feedback on the training was given by all the participants of 11 districts.

Certificates were distributed to the participant by Dr. Watimongla Jamir, director of SAMETI and principal of IETC, and concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Yezaho Swu, SAMETI deputy project director.


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