Quixplained: What is happening between Russia and Ukraine?

Quixplained: What is happening between Russia and Ukraine?


Ukraine says Russia has amassed 90,000 troops at the border, and US intelligence reports say a Russian invasion of Ukraine is possible next month.

Why is there tension between Russia and Ukraine, and what next? Take a look:

Ukraine says Russia has gathered about 90,000 troops at the border.
What caused this?
How the two sides stack up, Russia and Ukraine
What next?
A look at the recent clashes between Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine and Russia share hundreds of years of cultural, linguistic and family ties. As part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was the second most powerful Soviet republic after Russia, and was strategically, economically, and culturally crucial. Since Ukraine seceded from the Soviet Union, both Russia and the West have fought for greater influence in the country to maintain the balance of power in the region in their favor.

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