Plans to revive Nagaland Premier League by next year: Mughato Aye | MorungExpress

Plans to revive Nagaland Premier League by next year: Mughato Aye | MorungExpress


(Left) Players of MVYO and Rebels FC along with guests and officials during the inaugural day of the 2nd Open Football Tournament held at DDSC stadium Dimapur. (Right) Mughato Aye speaking during the event. (Morung Photo)

2nd Open Football Tournament kicks off in Dimapur

Morung Express News
Dimapur | September 6

Keenly observing that the scenario of football in Nagaland has been changing for the better in the last few years, Mughato Aye, President, Dimapur District Football Association (DDFA), hinted at the possibility of the Nagaland Premier League (NPL) being revived by the beginning of next year. I mentioned talks and proposals are underway with the Chief Minister and his cabinet which will be finalized by September.

Aye, who is part of the three-member drafting committee set up by the government to oversee the initiative, further noted that the NPL, if revived, will be christened under a new name which was not disclosed.

I made the comments during the inaugural day of the 2nd Open football tournament held at DDSC stadium, Dimapur on September 6.

Aye also stated that for the last 25 years, Nagaland had lacked behind others in football with the rest of the country but with the change in the team members of Nagaland Football Association (NFA), the members have done commendable work in bringing positive changes for the players through many initiatives.

Taking the example of the recently concluded Dr T Ao inter-district football tournament, which had witnessed thousands of fans gathering to watch the 12-day extravaganza, I applauded the organizing efforts of the NFA to make the tournament a grand success. “All the members including officials from the SportsCast India were shocked at the turnout of fans who tuned in to watch the matches on various online platforms.”

Moreover, I mentioned how two players from Dimapur Pursunep and Henping were selected to play in the Kolkata first division league after being spotted at the Dr T Ao tournament. “Now they are getting very handsome,” I said.

As such he encouraged footballers from the state not to be disheartened and give up on their efforts. “Things are changing, there are opportunities out there for you.” Nevertheless, I reminded them not to restrict their horizons by thinking about playing solely within the state as there are many more opportunities outside as well.

Aye meanwhile regretted that Dimapur, although being the Dr T Ao tournament champions for three consecutive times, is without a single astro-turf football field within the district. “There are many promising players being brought out from Dimapur so we will be spearheading an initiative through the DDFA by submitting a memorandum to the state government in this regard.”

I have therefore made an appeal to the NGOs and individuals from Dimapur to give them their support in the days to come.

Meriema Village Youth Organization faced off against Rebels FC on the opening day of the tournament. The match ended in a 1-0 win for MVYO against their opponents.

A total of 15 teams from across the state will be taking part in the 10-day tournament while the finals will be held on September 15. This is being organized in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Dimapur District Football Referee Association (DDFA).


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