People have commercialised their votes in Nagaland: Dr SC Jamir | MorungExpress

People have commercialised their votes in Nagaland: Dr SC Jamir | MorungExpress


Concert themed ‘Rebuilding Nagaland is in everyone’s hands’ in Dimapur held

Morung Express News
Dimapur | September 23

Stating that the problems faced in Nagaland today were fundamentally intrinsic in nature, ie selling of votes and corruption, Dr SC Jamir said, “Without the change of our attitudes, mindsets and updating our vision while adhering to our Christian values ​​of morality, our attempts to rebuild Nagaland will not be successful.”

Dr SC Jamir, speaking during the event-cum-concert themed, ‘Rebuilding Nagaland is in everyone’s hands’ organized in Dimapur on September 23 (Morung Photo).

Highlighting how the modus operandi of elections in Nagaland is the main cause responsible, for all the ills in society, Jamir noted that elections have become a popular commercial transaction exercise and votes are auctioned to the highest bidder.

Jamir made the remarks during the event-cum-concert organized by Life Concern Ministries at Urban Haat, Dimapur on September 23. The occasion was aimed towards brining attention to the menace of corruption which had spread across all corners of Naga society.

I have additionally called attention towards the need to realize that it is the people and public themselves who are to be chiefly blamed for this practice, as the public vote for such individuals to be elected into the government. “Let us change our mindset, let us reform our attitude towards God,” I said.

Moreover, I declared that Nagas do not realize the common shared values ​​which binds society together. “We belong to the same family, same church, worship the same God, read the same Bible and sing the same hymns.” Because of this, society has not been able to rejuvenate, reinvent and reconstruct Nagaland, he added.

“Once our generation finds that living God, rebuilding of Nagaland will be possible,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Aliba Imchen, founder of Life Concern Ministries, asserted that the public should use wisdom to make sound decisions for their future. I regret the presence of unabated corruption in the government which has affected every part of life. As such, it is crucial to provide the proper guidance and awareness to the common people including local farmers, business people and the church as well.


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