Peace Channel conducts session on peace building at River Belt School | MorungExpress

Peace Channel conducts session on peace building at River Belt School | MorungExpress


Students of River Belt School, Full Nagarjan during the session organized by Peace Channel on June 27. (Photo Courtesy: Peace Channel Desk)

Dimapur, June 28 (MExN): Peace Channel conducted a session on Peace Club activities at River Belt School, Full Nagarjan on June 27 to create awareness on peace, inner strength and sustainable peace with the peace club members.

According to a press release from the Peace Channel Desk on Tuesday, a session was conducted by the peace club animators Toviholi Y Yepthomi and Manpang Nyiam on the topic ‘An introduction about Peace Channel, peace club, peace celebration and its activities.’ The animators introduced the important of peace in school settings in order to promote peace building and conflict transformation through children.

Toviholi Y Yepthomi is said to have mentioned about peace channel as an emerging youth peace movement which aims to transform society as peace lovers, peace makers and peace promoters. Peace club is a small group consisting of 15- 20 members who come together and practice speaking, sharing, and listening from the heart, through compassionate, heartfelt expression and empathetic, non-judgmental approach, she said.

The release stated that Manpang Nyiam spoke on the seven steps of Peace Celebration which include an ice-breaker activity among the members to promote friendship and enable free sharing among them; peace prayer to endorse religious harmony; meditation to attain self-realization, concentration, relaxation and compassion; in-put session on different topics according to the need of the members so as to impart maximum knowledge about the importance of peace; evaluation & action plan where members share their thoughts, opinions, and experiences as well as suggestions for the better functioning of the Peace Club. These steps were followed by a Peace Pledge where the members renewed their vow -to promote peace where ever they maybe, and be an example for others to follow and the Peace anthem.

The animator also spoke on problem solving methods to solve various issues or problems through by sharing, observation or experience by individual or by a group. She also pointed out the 7 commissions under peace club which includes peace commission, sports and games commission, health and hygiene commission, environment commission, social welfare and humanitarian development commission, education commission, and finance commission. The uniqueness of peace club is that the members are permanent, a peace catalyst for lifetime, the release stated.


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