Pakistan has joined the US war on terrorism for dollars: Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistan has joined the US war on terrorism for dollars: Prime Minister Imran Khan


Imran Khan says joining the “war on terror” was a “self-inflicted wound” for Pakistan (Archive)


Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan today lamented the country’s decision to join the 20-year US “war on terror” in Afghanistan, calling it a “self-inflicted wound” and a decision. taken for money and not in the public interest.

Imran Khan, who had long been critical of Pakistan’s involvement in the two-decade-long war, said he was close to decision-makers in 2001 when then-military ruler General Pervez Musharraf decided be part of the ‘war on terror’.

“And so I am very aware of what considerations were behind the decision. Unfortunately, the people of Pakistan were not a consideration,” Khan said while addressing Foreign Ministry officials in Islamabad.

“The considerations, however, were the same as in the 1980s, when we participated in the Afghan jihad,” he said, referring to the Soviet-Afghan war, which was then dubbed the “holy war.”

“It simply came to our notice then [others] use us, sacrifice our country’s reputation for aid and make a foreign policy that went against the public interest [and was devised] For money. “

Describing the “war on terror” as a “self-inflicted wound” for Pakistan, Imran Khan said: “We cannot blame anyone else for this (war) outcome.”

Khan has often said in the past that Pakistan suffered more than 80,000 deaths and more than $ 100 billion in economic losses as a result of 20 years of war.

Speaking about the current situation in Afghanistan, Khan said it was a “great atrocity” that a man-made crisis was being created “when it is known that thawing Afghanistan’s accounts and liquidity will prevent the crisis “. He said addressing the situation in Afghanistan was important for Pakistan as a neighbor because the country could suffer severely due to the Afghan crisis.

Pakistan will continue to provide assistance to Afghanistan in these difficult times, he said, adding that whether or not he likes the Taliban’s rise in Afghanistan, the world should focus on difficulties suffered by its 40 million people.



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