‘Nagaland needs positive ambassadors’ | MorungExpress

‘Nagaland needs positive ambassadors’ | MorungExpress


Abu Metha, Advisor to CM launching the website of the Photography Club Dimapur (PCD) at a function in Nagaland Coffee Shop, Dimapur on June 18. (Morung Photo)

Photography Club Dimapur goes global

Morung Express News
Dimapur | June 18

“A picture can speak a thousand words,” Abu Metha, Advisor to the Chief Minister, Government of Nagaland reiterated while launching the website of the Photography Club Dimapur (PCD) at a function here in Nagaland Coffee Shop, Dimapur on June 18.

Addressing the photographers in Dimapur, the special invitee, Abu Metha said that ‘photography is going to be the new ambassador.’ Stating that with the advancement of technology, the availability of modern devices in our hands has made almost every citizen of the world a photographer, Abu observed that photography is going to be the new ambassador of “who you are or wherever you are.”

“We want photographers of Nagaland to be the new ambassadors of Nagaland. There are times when you cannot explain, there are occasions when you cannot write and it is at those times when a photographer speaks, ”he asserted.

Bringing into context the image of the State, Abu said that Nagaland is based in this far part of the globe and ‘in the past days we have faced so many challenges and hurdles for our young people.’ Nonetheless, considering the amount of challenges, our young people and young minds have been able to attain high rate of success, he stated.

Today, we have to use the new tools of social media, to take our State forward, he urged. “Nagaland needs positive ambassadors. For too long, we have been known for the wrong reasons, insurgency, violence, tribalism. We have to overcome these experiences and challenges and take Nagaland forward and here young minds have to be the riding force, ”he challenged.

Dwelling on the power of social media, Abu said that a picture taken in one corner of Nagaland can reach any continent within seconds once it is posted on social media. He added that today information is on the fingertips through different modern gadgets. ‘Knowledge is available to everybody. There is no excuse for not knowing… You should use this information and the power of social media to empower yourself and pursue dreams, aspirations and also to fulfill your career dreams, earn money because at the end of the day, success is measured by how much money you earn, ‘he put across.

Abu also cautioned that social media has power but it is also “very dangerous.” He sent a message across the State to use social media responsibly. He observed that today a huge amount of information shared on social media platforms are mostly fake news, wrong information, and propaganda, agenda-based, divisive, and polarizing. “We must first fact-check the information and ensure that it is true,” he recommended.

Stating that ‘photography is so powerful’, Abu encouraged the gathering to use the website platform to empower not only the photography community and also to contribute towards positive change and make Nagaland famous in the international community through good and quality content.

Theja Meru, Advisor, TaFMA also attended the launching event.

First Nagaland Photography Festival

Addressing the media persons after the launching event, PCD, President, Letminthang Kigpen informed that the Photography Club Dimapur will be organizing the First Nagaland Photography Festival in Dimapur on August 19 and 20 to encourage and empower photographer’s community.

The festival highlights will include seminars, workshops and interactions with renowned photographer along with stalls and music. The organizers are also inviting photography clubs from NE.

The PCD started in 2013 with the aim to have good connections among the photographers and to improve in the field of photography. At present the club has around 40 registered members.


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