Nagaland firing incident Cong demands Shah’s resignation probe by Guwahati HC judge

Nagaland firing incident Cong demands Shah’s resignation probe by Guwahati HC judge

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Nagaland’s dismissal: Cong demands Shah’s resignation

Congress on Sunday called for the resignation of Interior Minister Amit Shah, compensation for victims and an independent investigation led by a Guwahati High Court judge on duty at the Center for the Nagaland dismissal incident earlier this month. The opposition party made the demands after a delegation, made up of Congress Secretary-General Jitendra Singh, Nagaland party leader Ajoy Kumar and MP Gaurav Gogoi, visited Dibrugarh Medical College. interacted with relatives of the injured earlier this month in the wake of the incident and presented a report to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi.

Kumar held a press conference here and shared the findings and content of the report presented to Gandhi in connection with the incident in Nagaland Mon district in which security forces opened fire on civilians, killing 14 and injuring 11 more in three consecutive episodes, the first of which was a case of misidentification. One soldier was also killed in the ensuing riots.

Regretting the Nagaland dismissal incident, Home Secretary Shah told Parliament that an investigation by a special investigation team (ITS) would be completed within a month and that all agencies must ensure that these events are not repeated while taking action against insurgents. In its report, the congressional delegation demanded Shah’s resignation, alleging that the incident in Nagaland is a continuation of the BJP government’s “failed policy” in the Northeast.

“This unfortunate episode again showed a massive failure of intelligence and, therefore, a failure of the Ministry of the Interior. In addition, the Minister of the Interior was addressing the political meetings. in Rajasthan instead of paying due attention to the situation in Nagaland, another example of the stepdaughter’s treatment that the government has shown to the Northeast, “the report alleges. Kumar accused Shah of making false statements and “lying” to Lok Sabha, alleging that his statements were “contradictory and full of false truths” when tested with available information on the ground.

Kumar said people were shot without warning. He also demanded that the victims of the Mon violence be compensated by the central government and that the family of the deceased receive compensation of 1 million rupees and a job in the government. The injured can receive compensation of at least 10 lakhs, he said. In its report, the party demanded an independent investigation by an acting judge of the Guwahati High Court.

“The ITS announced by the Nagaland government is a blink of an eye and the Congress party believes that a significant resolution is not possible, as evidenced by the government’s false statements after the Mon incident,” he said. ‘report. Congress calls for the immediate establishment of a commission of inquiry headed by an acting judge of the Guwahati High Court, as an independent committee will allow the country to understand the real events of December 4-5. , according to the party report.

The report of the Congress delegation said that they were pressured to take the flight back to Delhi / Calcutta and abandon their plan to visit the families of the victims of the violence. However, the three members of the delegation refused to give in and sat in a dharna at Jorhat airport, he said. Meanwhile, the President of the Nagaland Congress issued a video statement on social media condemning the delegation for not visiting the families of the victims and the injured, according to the report. After being at Jorhat airport for hours and after receiving information that the injured in the incident were being treated at Dibrugarh Medical College, members of the delegation insisted that at least they be allowed go to Dibrugarh and reunite with families. of the wounded, he said. After a four-hour confrontation, the delegation was finally given permission to travel to Dibrugarh Medical College to visit the injured, according to the report.

At the hospital, when interacting with relatives of the injured, it was immediately clear that they were afraid to interact with opposition leaders, as they had been “warned to do so by both the Assam police and the Assam police.” Nagaland “.

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