‘Naga youths brimming with talent but lack consistency’ | MorungExpress

‘Naga youths brimming with talent but lack consistency’ | MorungExpress


Hekani Jakhalu Kense, founder and Chair, YouthNet speaking during the inaugural program of the DNSU sports meet at DGC, Dimapur on August 10. (Morung Photo)

DNSU sports meet-cum debate competition begins

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Dimapur | August 10

Observing that the youths of Nagaland, regardless of their field of profession and place of work within and outside of the State, are extremely talented Hekani Jakhalu Kense, founder and Chair, YouthNet, however said the underlying issue is in the lack of consistency and focus . “That is one of the biggest challenges of our young people today,” she added.

Jakhalu made the remarks as the special guest during the inaugural program of the Dimapur Naga Students’ Union (DNSU) 2022 sports meet, under the theme, “Igniting the Spirit of Harmony,” held at Dimapur Government College (DGC) ground on August 10 .

Explaining her notion, Jakhalu mentioned how working with numerous youths over the years has made her realize that they get easily distracted by short-term gains in their careers without prioritizing long-term goals. Besides these, she shared her five key points for personal growth namely, leadership, teamwork, setting goals, focus and perseverance.

Sharing her thoughts on the state of affairs concerning Nagaland, Jakhalu noted how “divisionism” has created a wedge within society through tribal, social, political and even religious lines. As such, she stated that it is up to the younger generation, torch-bearers of tomorrow’s leadership, to rise up beyond the division and bring change in society.

For this, she exhorted the youths to think and deliberate beyond tribal lines and look at the broader picture of any given issue which would in-turn help them build a better future for themselves and the state. Taking the example of her organization, YouthNet, which have won numerous international and national awards for their actions, Jakhalu stated that it was all due to the one important thumb-rule of maintaining “meritocracy above tribalism.”

Additionally, she reminded the youths not to follow the notion of herd mentality as each individual is unique in their own capabilities and potential.

In conclusion, she stressed on the need to maintain unity among the different tribes and communities of the state. “I am confident that the future is bright and let us all work together for the new Nagaland,” she said.

Meanwhile, Moayanger Jamir, President, DNSU, giving the welcoming address spoke on the theme, “Igniting the Spirit of Harmony,” which aimed towards uniting the different federating units of the union and maintaining healthy relationships between them. “Sports bring people together in ways nothing else can,” he said, adding that it can not only bring different communities together but also connect people on personal levels as well.


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