Mob objects to Hindus celebrating Christmas in Assam

Mob objects to Hindus celebrating Christmas in Assam


Children who claim to be members of Bajrang Dal said Hindus should observe Tulsi Divas

A group of boys who claimed to be members of the Bajrang Dal prevented Hindus from celebrating Christmas in Silchar, south of Assam, on 25 December.

Several non-Christian partygoers were also abused at the city’s Presbyterian church near the Cachar district police headquarters, locals said.

In a video posted on social media, a Rangirkhari who claims to be a leader of the local Bajrang Dal unit said: “We have nothing against Christians who have every right to celebrate Christmas. Our problem is with the Hindus who went against their dharma to sing Merry Christmas instead of watching ‘Tulsi Divas’ ”.

Since 2014, December 25 has been marked as “Tulsi Divas,” a day to celebrate the medicinal and spiritual significance of the basil plant.

In the video, Bajrang Dal activists wearing saffron scarves and chanting “Jai Shri Ram” also said they were closing the church after 11pm as too many people were violating COVID-19 protocols. beyond the time allowed by the administration.

Cachar Police Superintendent Ramandeep Kaur said: “It was an open Christmas celebration involving members of different communities. A few Hindu boys came and asked the Hindus [among the Christmas revellers] not to participate ”.

He said police had not yet received any formal complaints. “But other legal proceedings are being carried out against the people involved,” he said The Hindu.

A similar incident took place in Silchar during Christmas 2020 with members of radical Hindu groups preventing her from participating in a “Christian-only” festival.



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