Marathi actor blames BJP for his removal from TV serial; producers say it was his misbehaviour on set

Marathi actor blames BJP for his removal from TV serial; producers say it was his misbehaviour on set


Marathi actor Kiran Mane, who was fired last week from a popular TV series, alleged on Monday that the BJP could be behind the measure as it follows an ideology that disliked the saffron party. . The BJP state unit, however, said it did not participate in his removal and that the party valued freedom of expression.
Last week, Mane was expelled from the Marathi television series ‘Mulgi Zali Ho’, which was broadcast on a private satellite channel. Mane said the production house gave him no reason to withdraw. “I just told myself that from tomorrow, I don’t have to come and shoot … They didn’t give a reason for my expulsion,” he said.

Mane said he suspected his removal had a lot to do with his social media posts in which he has been broadcasting his political views.

“I think I was removed from the series because of my political views. I was trolled with abusive language because of my political views,” Mane told The Indian Express. Mane played the father of the main character in the series. “During my college days, I used to speak out against Congress and its leaders, but they never opposed it,” he said.

The actor said: “I follow the ideology of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Shahu-Phule-Ambedkar. It is clear that some people do not like this ideology, which can be seen in the kind of abusive trolling that happens …” he said.

Mane added: “A Nanded BJP leader had trolled me with abusive language … Similarly, one of the actors in the series is connected to the BJP. Her husband is a prominent Bombay leader. “So there are BJP people behind this …”

Mane said he speaks out against all parties and does not target any particular one. “I express my views freely. The Constitution has given the right to freedom of expression. If someone does not like or mistreat me, I am able to take it on,” he said.

BJP State Spokesman Keshav Upadhaye said: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several BJP leaders are trolled on social media … If anyone wants to grow up by attacking them, let it be. “We respect freedom of expression. Mane’s accusations are false. No BJP leader is behind his dismissal. It is a problem between the channel and the actor and we have nothing to do with it,” Upadhaye said.

Upadhaye said some female actors filed allegations of misconduct against Mane. “He should respond to his allegations instead of trying to drag the BJP into this unrelated controversy,” he said.

After Mane’s allegations surfaced, a few actors in the series hit the actor. Savite Malpekar said: “Mane has not been fired for spreading his political views on social media, but for his misbehavior on the set of the series. He has been making nasty comments against female actors and has been presumed to close the “If you ask him to stop. He’s been saying that the series is getting TRP thanks to him. dismissed for this reason and not for pursuing any ideology he is claiming. “

Mane said that if some actresses have criticized him, there are also actors in the series who have praised him. “There are other actresses who have also posted videos praising me and saying openly that they had no problem working with me,” she said.

Suzane Ghai, producer of the series, said: “The actor has been removed from the series due to some behavioral issues. We had received complaints from actors about his rude comments and disrespectful behavior towards them. He was warned but did not change his behavior. ” Ghai added: “He has certainly not been dismissed for his political views as he has been circulating and complaining. We have replaced him for his misconduct in the sets.”

Mane also met with the head of the NCP, Sharad Pawar. “I have a great esteem for the head of the NCP and so I met him and told him everything that happened to me,” he said.
Meanwhile, the producers of the series also denied that filming had stopped in the village of Gulumb de Satara after a warning from the village sarpanch. “No, the shooting is going on … We haven’t stopped and no one has asked us to do it,” Ghai said.

Sangeeta Maskar, a local member of Zilla Parishad, said: “The village sarpanch had issued a warning to the producers. However, the actors and producers explained what exactly happened and therefore were not notified.” Maskar said the problem is between the actor and the producers and the villagers have nothing to do with it.



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