Farm Laws Repealed: Only Group Of Farmers Protesting

Farm Laws Repealed: Only Group Of Farmers Protesting



Agriculture Minister to introduce bill to overturn agricultural laws (Archive) New Delhi on Monday: Two days before presenting a bill to Parliament to overturn agricultural laws, the government issued a note on “Objects and Reasons “. ‘for its U-shaped change laws that sparked a nearly 15-month protest by tens of thousands of farmers, provoked serious criticism of the ruling BJP and made headlines worldwide. The note, published to members of Parliament, blames a group of farmers for preventing “the effort to improve the condition of farmers, including small and marginalized …”, and says the government “made a great effort to raise farmers’ awareness of the importance of agricultural laws. ” “Although only one A group of farmers protest against these laws, the government has tried to raise awareness among farmers about the importance of agricultural laws and explain their merits through various meetings and other forums,” the note said. , signed by the Minister of Agriculture, Narendra Tomar. he said the laws were “to enable farmers to sell products at higher prices and benefit from technological improvements … (and to have) access to markets to help increase income …”. The laws, the note said, could have allowed farmers “the freedom to sell products to any buyer anywhere of their choice …” and allowed them to interact directly with retailers and bulk buyers (omitting intermediaries to mandis), as well as benefiting from “a legal framework for agricultural contracts”. “For years, this demand was constantly made by farmers, agricultural experts, agricultural economists and farmers’ organizations …, ”Tomar wrote in the note. note – specifically the bit about “a small group of farmers” – echoed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement last week, when he announced the removal of the laws. “Only a part of them (farmers) were opposed to the laws, but we kept trying to educate and inform them,” the prime minister said, expressing his “regret” for not convincing- the bear. The withdrawal was forced out of anger against the BJP, something that cannot be allowed with multiple elections scheduled for next year, including in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, where farmers vote. key. “Agricultural laws” refer to a set of three bills passed by Parliament last year amid unprecedented uproar and chaos, and described as “black” laws by protesting farmers and the opposition. Since then, he has faced relentless protests from farmers arguing that the push to hire agriculture will leave them at the mercy of bulk buyers and corporate companies, who could use their financial power to intimidate them. so that they accept lower prices. Tens of thousands of farmers have protested against agricultural laws for almost 15 months (Archive) Protesting farmers also expressed concern over the possible elimination of the MSP, the guaranteed price at which the government buys crops such as rice and the wheat. MSPs are vital safety nets, especially for small and marginal farmers, against demands such as drought that might otherwise cost them dearly. While agricultural laws (in their current format) should be discarded, the government has not offered any specific guarantees on MSPs, beyond what was said during last year’s discussions – which will give a non-binding written warranty. Farmers protesting these laws were due to leave Parliament on Monday, but have now postponed the move. It looks like they are waiting and looking to see how far the government will go to meet their demands, including the key part of the MSP.


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