Demand-driven skill development programme underway in Dimapur

Demand-driven skill development programme underway in Dimapur

Officials of the department of Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Zynorique Initiatives Society members and participants on the inaugural day of the one-week demand-driven skill development program at Town Hall, Dimapur, on Monday.

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Dimapur, Aug. 29 (EMN): A demand-driven skill development program under construction sector for Dimapur district commenced here at Town Hall, Dimapur, on Monday.

A total of 62 participants will undergo one-week training for plumbing and electrician related works at Town Hall and all the successful trainees will be awarded certificates and tools by the department.

During the introductory session of the training program, chairman of Zynorique Initiatives Society, Richard Belho, said that even though Nagas are well educated yet they cannot see job opportunities in their own home land. On the other hand, Belho said people from outside the state without any education can find jobs and earn their livelihood in Nagaland.

Iterating that skill business does not need any investment, he said unlike other businesses, skill is not a talent but that anyone who is interested in learning can acquire the skill. The only criteria to acquire skill are that one should not be lazy, Belho said and urged the participants to make good use of the training.

Joint director of the state Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, K Wati, said the short-term skill development training is being organized as there is a shortage of well-trained skilled workers in the state and to make Naga youths self-sustainable by imparting them with skills.

Wati said that although there are around 4 to 5 lakhs non-Nagas residing in Nagaland, yet most of them are employed in one sector or the other and working for their survival. Whereas, I lamented that Naga youths holding college degrees remain unemployed and dependent on their parents.

Principal of Nagaland Tool Room and Training Center (NTTC), Dimapur, Petehetou Miasalhou, said there is “opportunity everywhere” in Nagaland and added that it is evident from the fact that people from Assam enter Dimapur everyday in the morning for work and return to their homes in the evening.

Urging the trainees not to keep following politicians with hope of employment, Miasalhou maintained that “no skill is inferior or less important.” He further said that while undergoing training is good but to hone their skills one must have practical experience.


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