CNTC demands President’s Rule to facilitate Naga solution

CNTC demands President’s Rule to facilitate Naga solution


Dimapur, Sep. 18 (EMN): The Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC) has demanded the imposition of President’s Rule (PR) in the state in order to facilitate the Naga political issue.

CNTC in an update stated that in the 2018 assembly election, the BJP promised the Nagas ‘Election for Solution’ but failed to fulfill its commitment. The council was of the view that another election is coming and political parties will continue to deploy “delay tactics” by making other false promises.

“Despite 25 years of negotiation between the Government of India and stakeholders, there has been no outcome so far,” it stated.

CNTC also argued that when the ball is thrown to the Core Committee on Naga Political Issue (CCoNPI), it is the “bounden duty of the government of India to settle the issue at the earliest”.

The CNTC further stated that its demand for PR was the failure of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) government to fulfill its commitment. It said that unabated corruption over the years has led to financial crunch while the government, despite assurances, has failed to take action.

It stated that rampant extortion has led to an increase in prices and the common people are facing the brunt.

“Most of the government employees have not been paid salaries, while there has been no progress in education, infrastructure, law and governance etc. Therefore, the current situation in the state can only be calmed with the imposition of President’s Rule,” CNTC stated.

Meanwhile, the council extended support to the signing of ‘September Joint Accordant’ between NSCN (IM) and WC-NNPG in the presence of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR).


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