China Is Building 6,000-Bed Hospital In 6 Days Amid Record Cases

China Is Building 6,000-Bed Hospital In 6 Days Amid Record Cases


To curb the spread, authorities have conducted testing in large numbers (Representational)

A temporary hospital is being constructed in China’s Jilin city after a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases in the country. The makeshift facility is expected to be ready for use within six days. It will provide 6,000 beds.

A video, shared by state news agency Xinhua, shows construction work underway in the Jilin city, which falls under Northeast China’s Jilin Province.

The news agency added that three makeshift hospitals have already been built, as of March 12, in this region.

The province, on Sunday, reported more than 1,000 coronavirus cases out of which 131 are asymptomatic carriers.

In order to curb the spread, local authorities have conducted testing in large numbers. People in Jilin have completed six rounds of testing so far.

Authorities have also announced a complete lockdown in Siping and Dunhua – smaller cities under Jilin Province.

Zhang Yan, a Jilin provincial health commission official, has said the response towards the COVID-19 by the local authorities so far had been lacking. ”

Speaking at a government media briefing, Mr Zhang said, “The emergency response mechanism in some areas is not robust enough, there is insufficient understanding of the characteristics of the Omicron variant… and judgment has been inaccurate.”

As per state media report, the current situation has also led to the dismissal of Jilin’s Mayor.

Meanwhile, 2,300 new coronavirus cases were reported on Monday in China. The country, on Sunday, witnessed 3,400 cases, which is the highest daily figure in two years. Authorities have announced lockdowns at COVID-19 hotspots.

In Shanghai, schools, restaurants, shopping malls and businesses are under temporary lockdown.



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