Career Launcher college prep conference in Dimapur | MorungExpress

Career Launcher college prep conference in Dimapur | MorungExpress


Parents, students and teachers during the ‘college prep conference’ organized by Career Launcher Dimapur, in collaboration with EduCentre at Hotel Lake Shilloi, Dimapur on June 25. (Morung Photo)

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Dimapur | June 25

Advocating the necessity towards making cautious decisions related to the careers of students from an early age, a first of its kind initiative dubbed as ‘college prep conference’ was organized by Career Launcher Dimapur, in collaboration with EduCentre, at Hotel Lake Shilloi, on June 25 for students studying in high-school and higher-secondary levels.

Speaking on the topic of ‘College prep for parents 101’, B Kezo, IPS, former Director General of Police, Nagaland, spoke on the developmental aspects of a student which needs to be carefully cultivated from an early age so as to spot their own talents and capabilities.

Besides that, he reminded the parents and guardians of the importance of knowing, “every child is created differently and each of them is blessed with a special talent.” While commenting that today’s job market is highly competitive and required skill-specific individuals.

Kezo also noted the need to inculcate mannerism and discipline in a child’s life before the onset of adulthood as it would benefit them in the long run. From basic etiquettes such as brushing one’s teeth twice a day, doing household chores occasionally, sleeping and waking up on time. “All those are manners which will affect the life of a child as they grow up,” he stated.

In addition, he broached on the habit of some of the parents to force their children into particular careers or courses which they may or may not be capable of.

Aphune K Kezo, Director, Career Launcher, Dimapur center, spoke on the various college entrance exams that exist for central universities and institutions across the country.

Moreover, with the recent introduction of the New Education Policy (NEP), which covers from the elementary stage up to the higher education level, will be a game-changer for the students, particularly in the duration of an undergraduate course from three to four years. “This is in order to be at equal level with colleges in other parts of the world,” she explained.

On top of which she highlighted the flexibility of a four year course that aims to provide at least a certificate if the student drops out after one year, a diploma if it happens in the second year, a degree if in the third and a research degree if they complete the course entirely.

She reflected on the change in exam patterns as well which will introduce a common entrance test for central universities, with some exemptions to central universities located in the Northeast, during her briefing.

Further noting how the entrance test will be for the duration of 8 hours with subjects ranging from language, domain subject, general aptitude test / quantitative reasoning and current affairs.

She said that the aim of the event was to encourage the young students to be more goal oriented and to have a proper road-map towards their careers.

A team of individuals who were alumnus from different premier institutions of the country such as the Indian Institute of Management, National Institute of Designing, University of Delhi and National Law University were present as speakers to explain the various career advantages in the respective fields.


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