Can Zubeen Garg through music, save Assam’s culture and society?

Can Zubeen Garg through music, save Assam’s culture and society?

Guwahati: A name that echoes the notes of inspiration, role models, motivation, love and appreciation, Zubeen Garg is one of the most followed figures in Assam. Zubeen Garg has always talked about the importance of his language, culture and identity. People often risk offering their talent and experience on any national and international platform. And being the most talented, Zubeen Garg also gave some songs broadcast for the Bollywood industry. However, he has always preferred to stay in Assam surrounded by its people and culture. He has given numerous songs to the people of Assam. His followers are not tied to any particular age group. Music enthusiasts and non-music lovers alike, everyone would love to sing to the tune of Zubeen’s songs. He and his music have the power to bring unity and influence lives. In this scenario, when the language and culture of Assamese society are threatened with endangerment. Can Zubeen’s music motivate Assamese youth to save their culture, language, and society? Assam’s Hindutva regime and its political agendas could move closer to the state and its heritage in the near future. Controversy over the Assamese language in the state has recently wreaked havoc on the population. The people of Assam have found a new way to protest against the citizenship law. This path to protests found a theme in the lyrics of the late Bhupen Hazarika and the idols for young Zubeen Garg. The question now arises, after the repeal of agricultural laws, whether the source of Zubeen Garg will be a means for the people of the state to fight for the preservation of their own identity. Read also: The political polarization and affinity of the opposition leaders “Biswa Bijoyee Naujowan” of the legendary musician and activist Bhupen Hazarika paved the way for the people during the protests against the controversial Citizenship Law, in addition to “Jai Aai Axom “(Glory to Mother Assam), a convincing tune of the state that has now increased the joy of the movement. You may have heard songs from youth icon Zubeen Garg ringing on phones from every corner during CAA protests. Songs like “Politics Nokoriba Bondhu” paved the way for modern Assam youth to fight for their identity. Today’s Assam has a crucial need to find a guide under whose footsteps the people of the state can save their language, culture and heritage. Or, there is the possibility in the perspective of observing the modernization that the ethnic group of culture and norms takes away. Modernization is fast and soon everyone will be eliminated from their different differences. In the blink of an eye, there will be a different shadow of this way of surviving the earth and the people. Garg, now in his 50s, must be a vocal force in guiding the youth of modern Assam to preserve their culture of subjugation. Agitation with a positive outlook in the past and present has always proven to be fruitful and inspiring. Living in a democracy, raising your voice for rights and identity has always proved to be true and firm. In this scenario, in the hope of a model to follow, Garg, as a force for clarifying errors and providing the truth, is, in fact, the most anticipated must for a land and its people.



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