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Calling for a new purpose | MorungExpress


Members of Hope Channels, guests and well-wishers during the celebration of International Widow’s day held at Hope Channel office, Indisen village on June 23. (Morung Photo)

Hope Channel celebrates International Widow’s Day in Dimapur

Morung Express News
Dimapur | June 23

Bringing attention towards the plight and difficulties of women in Nagaland who have lost their spouse, members of Hope Channel, a unit of Ebenezer Welfare Society, celebrated International Widow’s Day at the premises of Hope Channel office located at Indisen village, Dimapur on June 23.

During the program, Khrienuo Moa, Managing Director of G Rio School, Kohima and wife of Rev Moa Longchari spoke about her personal testimony and the difficult journey she undertook with her late husband for his treatment for cancer. “My husband passed away in August, 2019 and yes, it was a difficult experience, yet I know that he is with our Lord in Heaven,” she said.

She expressed that though she is a widow today, “it does not frighten me as God is always there by my side.” Further, taking a passage from the Bible, she shared with the gathering about Psalms 68: 5, “A father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.”

“It is all in the Lord’s hands,” she declared. As such she heartened upon the other women in the society, who themselves have lost their husbands, to be optimistic about life and to search for new purposes in spite of these tragedies.

At the same time, Tiakala Amri, Director of Hope Channel noted that the purpose of celebrating a day exclusively for widows is to remind them there is always hope and a new beginning for them in spite of their personal tragedies.

“This is the first time that members of Hope Channel are celebrating International Widow’s Day,” she said. Revealing that she only came to know about this day while personally searching it though Google.

“Being a widow myself for 12 years now, the experience has personally reinvigorated a purpose to serve the needy and the downtrodden through Hope Channel,” she noted.

“In a way, I take it as a blessing given to me by God and not otherwise,” she mentioned further.

Besides these points, she revealed that there are currently about 60 widows registered under Hope Channel across Dimapur.

Members from different church organizations, well-wishers, families and friends were during the program as well.


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